Private Investigator Services by Retired GBI Agents - Georgia License #PDC001751

Over 350 cheating spouses caught

Alpharetta Private Investigations

Southern Professional Investigations has been in business since 1996. Our investigators are retired GBI agents. The residents of Alpharetta and the surrounding areas can call on Southern Professional Investigations to assist in their investigative needs. We have extensive experience in solving major crimes in Georgia for over 20 years, which include murder, robbery, rape, and thefts.  We have contacts in law enforcement and a professional relationship with them. We specialize in cheating spouse cases. They type cases require covert surveillance to obtain the necessary video documentation for proof in court. Our investigators have years of experience in working and supervising undercover investigations. These type cases involved drug and public corruption cases. We know how to investigate most any type of investigation and conduct discreet and professional investigations. We work closely with the client and their attorney in cases that may go to court.

 With the divorce rate being so high, we can locate spousal hidden assets to ensure the property split is fair to you and your children.  We can also provide the proof you will need for adultery in a divorce case.  If you are not married yet, but getting engaged, Southern Professional Investigations can also assist you with premarital investigations to make sure your current assets are protected in case of fraud or predatory actions.

We use the latest GPS tracking devices and covert video cameras to obtain the evidence needed to prove your case. In most cheating spouse cases, the cheating spouse will deny all allegations until they are shown the video documentation. After that, they hang their head and admit their wrong doing.

Our Alpharetta Investigators not only detect cheating mates, but due to our extensive experience we conduct child custody cases.  Most of the child custody issues or children cases are done by the spouse that does not have custody.  Southern Professional Investigations can help find the missing child or children, and return them to the legal parent or guardian.  For Alpharetta residents going through divorce and custody battles, we can provide the proof you need concerning neglect, mistreatment, or other issues to help you win the custody battle.

Southern Professional Investigations offers extensive investigative services to the Alpharetta, Georgia area.  For businesses, we can provide collection and repossession services, undercover operations to determine theft or breach of confidentiality, protection for management if needed, employee screening for employment.  If your business is in Alpharetta and you believe you have employee theft or other problems, we can help.  We also give you an extensive report of our progress and findings if you need to pursue legal actions against someone. You don't have to fight alone, our services can give you the added information it takes to solve problems with employees that are stealing from you, or mean you harm.

Our professional investigative experience and training assures the client in Alpharetta and the surrounding areas the best possible results utilizing the latest equipment and technology.  We have a passion for detail and provide our clients with the information they need to protect themselves.  If you are in business, your confidential business formulas or methods may be one of your best assets, we can help you protect your business against theft and loss.  We can also determine if your home or office has been "bugged" by someone trying to learn information from you.  Stop worrying and call us today.