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Over 350 cheating spouses caught

Conyers Private Investigations

Southern Professional Investigations offers extensive investigative services to residents of Conyers, Georgia and surrounding areas of Rockdale County.  At Southern Professional Investigations, our highly experienced staff is made up of retired GBI agents with over 2 decades of solving crimes in Conyers, the Atlanta area and areas of Georgia. Because of our experience and training, we know what it takes to determine if your spouse is having an affair and get you the proof you need. Just the worry alone about if your spouse is cheating or not can cause serious issues within the relationship.

Southern Professional Investigations uses the latest equipment and technology in these type investigations in Conyers. The use of GPS tracking devices helps locate the exact location of the suspected cheating spouse. The use of GPS tracking helps keep down the cost of the investigation. 

Southern Professional Investigations offers services to businesses in Conyers, Georgia. We conduct background investigations for pre-employment. We have investigated numerous internal thefts or embezzlements within businesses in Conyers and the surrounding area. We also provide skip tracing to assist the business owner in locating customers avoiding their payment obligations. On another occasion a business owner in Lithonia called us and stated he had experienced a break in at his business and believed it was an inside job. Southern Professional Investigations arrived and interviewed all of the employees and Mike Rundles had them answer a questionnaire. Mike is an expert in Statement Analysis and also is an instructor for these techniques. Within hours of analyzing the questionnaire, Mike had identified the suspected thief. After questioning all of the employees off site, we interviewed the suspected employee last. We immediately realized he was the one who had entered the business and turned off the alarm, committed the theft of cash and then turned the alarm back on. He would not admit to the crime to us, but as soon as we returned him back to the business after questioning, he walked into the owner’s office and admitted to the crime and agreed to make restitution. The business owner was very pleased with the results.

We have a passion for detail and provide our clients with the information they need to protect themselves. We have worked numerous infidelity cases in Conyers, Georgia with great success.