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Over 350 cheating spouses caught

Dunwoody Private investigations

If you think your spouse is cheating in Dunwoody and you need to know for sure then we can help. In most cases when a spouse confronts their husband or wife and accuses them of cheating they will deny the allegations. Most of the time in our experience, the spouse will not admit to the affair until they are shown the video we obtained.  At Southern Professional Investigations our staff is comprised of retired Georgia Bureau of Investigations agents who spent over two decades solving crimes in Dunwoody and throughout Georgia. Because our staff is highly trained they know what it takes to find out if you have a cheating spouse or not. When we conduct cheating spouse investigations in Dunwoody we not only rely on our years of experience but also the latest technology advancements available to capture video and sound so that we do not just tell you what we believe to be true, we show you first hand proof of our conclusions. Every aspect of one of Southern Professional Investigations Cheating Spouse cases is documented so that you fully understand the investigation that occurred and the outcome is verifiable.

In Dunwoody our investigators are also trained and experience in conducting covert surveillance investigations. We have worked hand-in-hand with clients to obtain and document the evidence needed in court. In addition our extensive background with the GBI has prepared us to testify in court in a professional manner and have the evidence admitted in court.

Southern Professional Investigations offers many investigative services to the Dunwoody, Georgia market. Not only do we perform in depth cheating spouse and child custody investigations we also handle detailed and in-depth Insurance fraud and workman’s compensation investigations, mortgage fraud investigations, internal company investigations, criminal investigations private and corporate, criminal defense investigations and also skip tracing investigations. These services are available in Dunwoody and across North Georgia.

Along with all of the above investigative cases we also offer Dunwoody and the entire metro area private investigation related services. We conduct statement analysis, cell phone data recovery, computer analysis, GPS teenager tracking and also spouse GPS tracking services. Each and every investigation we launch or investigative service that we offer comes backed by our years of professional investigation experience and the utilization of the latest techniques and technology to do the best possible investigations and offer the best services to each and every client in metro Dunwoody, Georgia and throughout Paulding County and the North Georgia area.