Private Investigator Services by Retired GBI Agents - Georgia License #PDC001751

Over 350 cheating spouses caught

Fairburn Private Investigations

Southern Professional Investigations offers comprehensive investigative services to residents of Fairburn, Georgia and surrounding areas. Our highly experienced staff is made up of retired GBI agents with over 2 decades of solving crimes in Fairburn, the Atlanta area and areas of Georgia. Because of our experience and training, we know what it takes to determine if your spouse is having an affair and get you the proof you need. In most cases when a cheating spouse is confronted, they will deny the allegations. Only when they see the video obtained by our investigators, do they hang their head and shame and admit to the infidelity.

Southern Professional Investigations uses the latest equipment and technology in these type investigations in Fairburn. The use of GPS tracking devices helps locate the exact location of the suspected cheating spouse. The use of GPS tracking helps keep down the cost of the investigation. We have followed cheating spouses to Panama City and up into South Carolina where they have met their significant other. 

Southern Professional Investigations offers services to businesses in Fairburn, Georgia. We conduct background investigations for pre-employment. With the police overwhelmed with violent crimes today, they do not have the time or manpower to investigate internal thefts within a business. We do, and have investigated numerous internal thefts or embezzlements within businesses in Fairburn and the surrounding area... We also provide skip tracing to assist the business owner in locating customers avoiding their payment obligations.

Our Fairburn investigators not only detect cheating spouses, but also conduct covert surveillance regarding child custody cases. Our clients have asked us to conduct investigations regarding the other parent when they suspected alcohol abuse and the parent having a “friend spend the night” while the children were present. We work closely with the client’s attorney in determining the evidenced needed in court and then professionally and discreetly obtain the video documentation to present in court. If you are in Fairburn or the surrounding area and need assistance call us today!

We have a passion for detail and provide our clients with the information they need to protect themselves. We have worked numerous infidelity cases in Fairburn, Georgia with great success.