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Over 350 cheating spouses caught

Fayetteville Private Investigators

Southern Professional Investigations offers comprehensive investigative services to the residents of Fayetteville and the surrounding areas. We recently added another investigator that lives in Fayetteville and he has over 20 years in law enforcement. He is highly experienced and we are excited to have him join us. Due to our experience and training, we know what it takes to determine if your spouse is having an affair and get you the proof. With the divorce rate rate being so high, we can locate spousal hidden assets to ensure the property split is fair to you and your children. Also if you are not married yet, but getting engaged, Southern Professional Investigations can assist you with the premarital investigations to make sure your current assets are protected in case of fraud or predatory actions.

Also available in Fayetteville is the use of GPS tracking to detect a cheating spouse. The use of GPS tracking has proven invaluable in our investigations.  In addition the GPS tracking can be useful in tracking your new teenage driver to determine they driving responsibly.

If the evidence obtained during the investigation is needed in court, our investigators have years of experience in testifying in court and are well prepared to stand up to any cross examination by the other side.

Our professional investigative experience and training assures the clients in Fayetteville and the surrounding areas the best possible results in your investigation. Call us today for a free consultation.