Private Investigator Services by Retired GBI Agents - Georgia License #PDC001751

Over 350 cheating spouses caught

Loganville Private Investigations

Do you suspect your spouse is cheating on you. We offer highly experienced investigators who are retired from the (GBI) to the residents of Loganville and Walton County. We know what it takes to determine if your spouse is having an affair and get you the proof you need.

Southern Professional Investigations uses the latest equipment and technology in these type investigations in Loganville. This includes the use of GPS tracking devices and covert video cameras to obtain video documentation with in restaurants or clubs.  

Southern Professional Investigations offers services to businesses in Loganville, Georgia. We conduct background investigations for pre-employment. We provide skip tracing to assist the business owner in locating customers avoiding their payment obligations. On another occasion a business owner called and stated he had received an anonymous phone call stating that a current employee was coming on his property late at night during the weekends and stealing lumber. I set up surveillance the next weekend and had only been on the scene about one hour when the employee drove up with a trailer and began to load up lumber. I called the police and advised them what was taking place and that I was going in to observe the activity so make sure they didn’t mistake me for a bad guy. I went on the property and obtained video of him loading the lumber on the trailer. The police showed up and he was arrested. He immediately stated he was there to fill and order, but 2 am in the morning is not when you fill an order. The police attempted to interview him, but he would not say anything. I asked for a chance to speak with him and got him to admit who he was stealing the lumber for. The police took over from there and ended up arrested four other people. The business owner was very pleased with the results.

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