Private Investigator Services by Retired GBI Agents - Georgia License #PDC001751

Over 350 cheating spouses caught

McDonough Private Investigations

Southern Professional Investigations covers the metro Atlanta area and McDonough, GA. We specialize in infidelity cases and know how to obtain the evidence and video documentation needed for court. We have been working these type cases since 1996. Prior to that our investigators are retired GBI agents with an extensive background in all types of investigations. We know how to conduct covert surveillance without arousing suspicion.

If you suspect your spouse is engaged in an illicit affair, call Southern Professional Investigations for a free consultation.

Southern Professional Investigations offers background investigations and criminal investigations. Our investigators are trained in interviews and interrogations. One of the investigators is trained in the use of Statement Analysis and also teaches law enforcement all over the southeast in these techniques.

Our McDonough investigators not only detect cheating spouses, but also conduct covert surveillance regarding child custody cases. Our clients have asked us to conduct investigations regarding the other parent when they suspected alcohol abuse and the parent having a “friend spend the night” while the children were present. We work closely with the client’s attorney in determining the evidenced needed in court and then professionally and discreetly obtain the video documentation to present in court. If you are in Loganville or the surrounding area and need assistance call us today!

We have a passion for detail and provide our clients with the information they need to protect themselves. We have worked numerous infidelity cases in McDonough, Georgia with great success.