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Over 350 cheating spouses caught

2015 Starts Off WITH A BANG

We were very busy in January and February of this year. We were requested to conduct an internal investigation on a police chief regarding complaints filed by a citizen of the community against him. After a three week investigation, the results were discussed with the city council in executive session. One week later the chief submitted his resignation after he was informed there were enough votes to dismiss him. After his resignation, further witnesses came forward and provided information of a possible criminal act. These allegations were investigated and at the request of the City Attorney were turned over to the GBI for further investigation. As of today, 3/23/15, the GBI is still pursuing the case against the chief.

The month of March was no different. During the past few weeks we have worked two internal theft cases for major corporations where they suspected employee theft. The first case was in Gainesville and after two weeks of surveillance we identified five employees involved in the theft of the company's product and determined they were selling it to their friends. We video taped the theft two weeks in a row and then turned the results over to the Gainesville Police Department. As of today, five employees have been terminated and they are expected to be arrested in the coming weeks. In addition, the police were able to identify the subjects coming to the site and purchasing the product. We have been informed that arrest warrants will probably be issued for these subjects. We anticipate 10 to 12 persons being arrested as a result of our investigation. 

We had no sooner completed that investigation, when another corporation contacted us and said they had suspicions some of their employees were stealing product from them and selling them to flea markets. They anticipated several thousand dollars of inventory missing. We started the investigation, and within days identified a supervisor who was taking the products off site in a U-Haul truck several times a week. He was selling the product to several vendors at flea markets in the south Atlanta area. In addition we determined the supervisor was using other employees under his supervision to work a side job he had developed over the past nine months . All of these employees were working the midnight shift and the supervisor pretty much could do whatever he wanted. We documented over the past several months he would transport two or three of the employees under his supervision to other businesses to conduct janitorial services, The catch was he was not paying these employees to do this work for him. He was letting them get paid by our client who thought they were on their premises working for them. The employees were afraid to say anything for fear of being fired by the supervisor. We are wrapping up the investigation and anticipate the supervisor will be terminated within a few days. 

In addition to all of the above mentioned investigations, we caught six cheating spouses during this same perior of time. 

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