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Over 350 cheating spouses caught

July! A New Record.

During the month of July we had a record number of cheating spouses. We caught a total of 9 cheating spouses. Five were husbands and four were wives. What makes this so significant is during the week of July 21 we caught 7 of them. That is the most cheating spouses we have caught in one week since we have been in business for the past 18 years. This included a minister who was having an affair with a member of his congregation and she was married also. This same week we caught a wife at a local motel with her boyfriend, who turned out to be a local attorney here in metro Atlanta. He was also married. Right after that busy week, a husband left town as soon as his wife left with the kids to visit her family out of state. He went to Charleston, SC. Guess what? He met his grilfriend there and they had a good time for the weekend. Only problem is the girlfriend was a VP for a company back in Atlanta and she was married too. Can't wait to see what August brings

Stats for 2014
Internal Theft of over $500,000