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Internal Theft of over $500,000

In july we were contacted by a national trucking company that had a hub in Macon, GA. They believed they had discovered an internal theft ring with some of their drivers, which involved diesel fuel theft. After they conducted an audit comparing the fuel purchases to the mileage, they identified over a half a million dollar shorage in fuel. They contacted us after viewing our web site. They asked us for suggestions and what we could do to help them identify the drivers involved. They said they had narrowed it down to maybe four drivers, but were not really sure how many were involved. They knew the missing fuel was occuring at a truck stop in Byron, GA just off I-75. This truck stop was where most of the drivers fueled their trucks and it was not far from the Macon hub. We went down there on a Saturday afternoon and checked the truck stop out. We were asked to video tape every truck belonging to this company while they were getting fuel. We were scheduled to start on Sunday morning at 3 am. We went out around midnight just to check things out and see how busy they were at that time. While we were there one of the company trucks came in for fuel. We started getting video of the activity and BINGO, we caught our first thief. He pulled up to the fuel pump, ran his credit card through the machine and then only put a few gallons of fuel in his truck. He then pulled his truck up a few feet and another truck  (Independent Trucker) pulled in behind him and put fuel in his truck on the same credit card transaction. We conducted video surveillance for the next several days and identified a second driver and his accomplice. Needless to say the client was very pleased with the results. After obtaining all the documentation we needed, we received authorization from the president to conduct interviews with the drivers. The follwoing Saturday morning we were at the Macon hub waiting for each driver to return from a trip he had made. Within 10 minutes after each interview began, each driver confessed to the thefts. They also identified their partners in crime and the length of time they had been stealing from the company. They were fired and our report, video and taped confessions were turned over to local law enforcement. 

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