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Over 350 cheating spouses caught

Review of 2013

This was a very good year for Southern Professional Investigations. On the domestic investigation side we caught 33 cheating spouses for the year;18 men and 15 women. On the women's side three of those were found to be in a lesbian relationship. 

We conducted several internal investigations for law enforcement agencies. The most significant was at the Columbus Police Department, where a police office made allegations against the Chief of Police of making derogatory racial comments. After a exhaustive investigation which included numerous interviews and a polygraph exam, the Chief was cleared of all the allegations and the accusing officer was fired. 

Apparently the word is getting around about our services we offer on Criminal Defense cases. Those request have really increased the past year and it appears it is all due to word of mouth between attorneys. With our background in working criminal investigations while with the GBI and the skills developed more and more attorneys are calling on our services. I even had one attorney tell me the past week after using us, that he will never use anyone else but us in the future.

Our investigative business has increased so much that we have had to stop doing process service. We are putting all our emphasis on the investigative side. 

Mike continues to teach at the Police Training Center in Forsyth, GA. He instructs on Interviews and Interrogations and then a specialized course in Statement Analysis. This spring he will be teaching Statement Analysis to other private investigators in Georgia at the annual spring training conference for the Georgia Professional Private Investigators Association.

One thing that I would like to encourage all potential clients if they are considering the use of a private investigator is to do their research. I have had to RE-INVESTIGATE  several cases this past year where another PI company has really not done what they should have done. One client told me they paid a PI company $7,000 and mostly all they got in return was a report with all of the information they provided to the company prior to the investigation. There is one company in particular that I hear complaints about almost on a monthly basis. I encourage you to just do a GOOGLE search on the company name and the owner of the company and see what turns up. The company I am talking about has numerous complaints and dissatisfied customers which you can easily find if you do your homework. Also don't forget to check with the State Licensing Board to see if there have been any complaints and/or disciplinary actions taken against the company you are considering using. It doesn't take very much time to do this and it will save you money and headaches in the future. 

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