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Southern Professional Investigations also serves court papers thoughout the metro Atlanta area. Most of these services are routine, but sometime they become a challenge. The person we are attempting to serve tries to avoid service and then it becomes a game of wits. A perfect example was a man in Snellville who would not come to the door when the Sheriffs deputy came to the house on several occasions. Normally after three attempts the Sheriffs Office will give up. The ex-wife contacted me and asked for our assistance. Since he would not come to the door we devised a different plan of attack. I obtained some background information on him and learned that he liked to attend his daughter's high school softball games. There was a game scheduled in Loganville that week. I went to the game and identified which side of the field he would be sitting and then sat down for about 30 minutes watching the game. I was able to identify him from the description provided and also overhearing another parent call out his name. I did not want to serve him the child support payments in front of his daughter, so I waited until her team was out in the field. I walked up to him and called his name out and he reached out to shake my hand and so I handed him the papers and told him he had been served. He was not a happy camper.

Another example was a woman living near the Mall of Georgia in Buford. Again the Sheriffs Office had been to house numerous times, but she would not come to the door. The client requested our help. We sat down the street and waited for her to arrive back from picking her child up from school. We saw her pull up in the driveway and walk into the house. I had another investigator with me and they were hiding in the back of my vehicle and obtaining video of the situation. I drove up to the house and parked out front. I knocked on the door and she yelled through the door "Who is it?" I told her I had some papers for her and she said to get off her property. She then looked through a window and I was able to identify her. She continued to refuse to open the door and kept shouting to get off her property or she would call the police. I told her to go ahead and call, I would love for them to show up and get her to open the door. Of course she never called the police. However since I had confirmed she was in the house, I placed the papers in the crack in the doorway between the door frame and the door and told her she had been served. She yelled even louder that she was not accepting service. I then went back to my vehicle and drove up the street and then returned a few minutes later and obtained video of the papers that were no longer stuck in the doorway.

A few years ago in Alpharetta I was attempting to serve papers on the president of a large corporation. He lived in a gated community in Atlanta so I could not get in to serve them at his residence. I knew what vehicle he operated so I went up to the front desk and told the receptionist I was turning around in the parking lot and I accidentally back into the BMW. Could she contact the owner and ask him to come out and make sure I didn't do any damage to the vehicle. A few minutes later, the owner comes out and we begin to walk outside to his car. As we approached the car I turned and hand him the papers and told him he had been served. This case went to trial in Federal Court in Southwest Georgia over a patent infringement. My client won several million dollars in that case.

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