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We were contacted by a local defense attorney, Judy Kim to assist her in the defense of her client who was charged with Rape, False Imprisonment and Aggravated Sodomy. We first reviewed the investigative report of the local police department that investigated the case. Several things stood out immediately to us. First no crime scene photographs were taken of the scene. The most important thing we saw was the detective did not invterview all of the witnesses who had information or were associated with this case. After that we then reviewed the recorded interview of the victim and immediately discovered she told three different stories regarding the time the incident happened. We listened to the 911 call the victim made and she appeared to be upset, but it did not sound right to us. We went to the motel where the rape supposedly occurred and found that she was 52 steps from the office where she did not call or walk to after the supposed rape. We determined the sex took place around 1 PM, but she did not call the police until 4 PM some three hours later. During that three hours she called two of her friends. That seemed very strange behavior to us regarding a rape victim. We had investigated numerous rapes while with the GBI and this was out of character of a rape victim. We then listened requested the audio of the interview she gave to the detective. During that interview she told the detective after having sex, she borrowed the guys cell phone and walked outside in the parking lot and called her two friends. That didn't sound like she was a victim of False Imprisonment. During this same interview she was calm and did not appear to be upset or traumatized. The interview took place within one hour of her 911 call. The detective called one of her friends by telephone and conducted a short interview and that was it. No in person interview. That is not good investigation. I spent a week trying to locate the other friend the victim called, since she had moved out of the county. I finally located her and interviewed her in person. She told me that the victim called her and told her she had sex, not I was rapped. She was not upset nor was she crying. This call to her friend was after 3 pm on that day. Then one hour later she is calling the police and crying and upset. We went to trial and the victim was not a good witness. The detective testified that she did not think it was necessary to take photos of the crime scene or the victim. I guess she thought this was a slam dunk case. The last witness was the friend who the police didnt feel was important enough. She testified the victim was not upset or crying and that she did not believe her story. She said the victim had a reputation of lying and wouldnt believe her under oath. The jury was out just a few hours and came back NOT GUILTY ON ALL COUNTS.

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