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Over 350 cheating spouses caught

Our First "FOURSOME"

We recently worked a case for a husband who suspected his wife was cheating on him. He advised us that he would be out of town with the kids and that his wife was going out of town to Savannah. However he had learned that she was going to meet her boyfriend at a motel near the Atlanta airport. With that information we were ready to begin the surveillance. We documented the boyfriends arrival at the motel and to our suprise he had two additional females with him. We contacted the client and he informed us that it may be two females from New York that comes down and visits with the boyfriend on occassion. We also learned the boyfriend is married and has kids. We continued surveillance at the hotel and the client's wife arrived about 1:30 am. Mike was in the parking lot and I was set up in the lobby. As she entered the motel I obtained discreet video of her taking the elevator up to the second floor and entering the room where she remained the rest of the night. On Saturday morning all four of them came out and piled into the boyfriends vehicle and went to various locations in the Atlanta, GA area such as shopping and restaurants. We remained at the motel and waited for them to return. Later that evening we obtained more video of all of them arriving and entering the same room. They remained in the room all night until they checked out the next morning. As they exited the motel, the boyfriend had a big smile on his face, but we knew that would not last long after he learned of our video.

Not Guilty on All Counts
To Reconcile or Not to Reconcile; That is the Ques...

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