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A few months ago a client from the Sandy Springs, GA area contacted me and stated he suspected his wife was having an affair with an old high school sweetheart. I provided him with a GPS tracking unit to place on her car. He said that she had told him she was scheduled to go up to north Georgia to a Bed and Breakfast for a few days for massage and quiet time. Thank goodness we had the assistance of the GPS. She went to a new bed and breakfast up near Helen, GA which was located at the top of a mountain. I arrived a short time after she did and set up surveillance in the parking lot. I spotted a car with a out of state license plate where the suspected boyfriend was from. After about an hour I saw the wife and her boyfriend exit from the building holding hands. I followed them into Helen and watched them have dinner and do some tourist shopping. They returned to the Bed and Breakfast where they spend the night together. I returned early the next morning, and watched them check out and carry their luggage to their respective vehicles. They then walked up to a porch swing, where they remained for about one hour holding hands, talking and kissing. They then went back to the cars and drove down the mountain to a nearby restaurant and had lunch. After exiting the restaurant they stood out by their cars and engage in passionate kissing and hugging. Of course all of this was on video. The husband was happy with me, but very unhappy with his wife.

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