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Cell Phone Records

In the past few weeks, I have had two potential clients call and ask if I can obtain cell phone records associated with their spouse's cell phone. When I tell them no, it is a violation of state and federal law, their response has been, "The other PI Company I called said they could." The only way you can obtain cell phone records is through a court order or subpoena and these so called "Professional" companies are aware of this. It appears they are more interested in making a dollar, than working in a lawful and ethical manner. If you elect to engage their services, then you are exposing yourself to civil and criminal liability. Not only that, if it comes out in court that you illegally obtained this information, you are going to look worse than your cheating spouse. If this is the only way to confirm your spouse is cheating and identify the other person, don't you think a good attorney is going to know that and question you or the investigator on how they obtained this information?

These unethical practices only take place on a few occasions and is not industry wide. I encourage anyone thinking of engaging the services of one of these companies, THINK TWICE! Is it worth the risk to have a felony arrest just for cell phone records. Another factor you want to consider is if this company is willing to violate the federal and state laws, WHAT ELSE ARE THEY WILLING TO DO,  with or without your knowledge!  If you hire them, then they are acting on your behalf. If you or the investigator get caught doing this, do you think the PI company is going to assist you in your defense? Are they going to help defend you in a criminal prosecution? I don't think so.

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