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Over 350 cheating spouses caught

GPS "works again"

This past Monday a client rented a GPS unit from us to put on her husband's vehicle.  She suspected he was having an affair.  On the very first day we caught him going to his ex-wife's residence and spending the afternoon with her.  Of course he told his wife he was at work.  Well today he did the same thing.  This time he picked up the ex-wife and took her to a nearby state park south of Atlanta.  His wife drove down there and caught them having a nice lunch together.  I cautioned her about the GPS unit and told her if he suspected it was on his truck she would never see it again.  I underestimated her.  After confronting her husband and the ex, she marched outside, crawled under the truck, removed the GPS unit and left.  Another cheating spouse bites the dust!

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