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Cell Phone Spyware Update

We receive calls weekly asking if we can detect spyware on a cell phone.  This seems to be a growing concern, especially in domestic related matters.  Before we give you some questions to consider, you need to know it is illegal to install spyware on someone else’s cell phone. 

If you think your cell phone has been compromised, consider these questions.  Have you loaned your cell phone to anyone or allowed someone, possibly your spouse, to use your cell phone and they were outside your presence for at least 10 minutes? Have you downloaded an attachment from an email or text message from an unknown source?  Does the battery on your cell phone drain more than usual?  Do you experience a problem when trying to shut down your cell phone?  Is your cell phone bill higher than usual and/or you see a higher number of text messages than you know you have sent?  Is there a new icon on your cell phone that you didn’t put there?   Do others know more about your daily activities than they should know?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, you might have spyware on your cell phone. 

Do you think your cell phone is infected with spyware?  Contact Southern Professional Investigations at 770-985-6203 for a free consultation.

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