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Without getting too technical, deleted text messages can be recovered on most cell phones if they have not been "overwritten".  However, most of our request involve attempting to recover text messages that have been deleted for quite some time which means they most likely have been overwritten by other messages.  A recovered text message may show only parts of a message and / or the cell phone number associated with a message.  However, the good news is - some information is better than no information

Recently we had a request to recover text messages from an Android cell phone.  Our client was not only hoping to recover deleted text messages but also find a specific cell phone number that had been texted.  The recovered messages and cell phone number would prove the spouse had been texting someone they claimed they had not texted.  The analysis process took several hours.  Deleted text messages were recovered but due to having been overwritten by other messages, entire text messages were not recoverable.  However, we were able to recover some of the cell phone numbers the spouse had texted and the specific cell phone number the client was looking for was recovered.  It proved without a doubt the spouse had texted messages to the number and we were able to prove they had received texts from the number. 

If you want to recover information from a cell phone, give us a call at 770-985-6203.  We may be able to help you.  Remember: Some information is better than no information.

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