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Better Sooner than Later!!

We receive numerous calls from prospective clients requesting surveillance on their spouse.  The usual scenario goes like this:  I suspected my spouse was cheating.  I confronted them with their unusual behavior and the text messages I found and they admitted to the affair.  They promised not to see the person again and we tried to work things out.  Well, after several months I suspected they were cheating again.  I found more evidence to support the affair and now they have moved out of the house.  I need evidence for court.

If you suspect your spouse is cheating, it is better to get your evidence “sooner than later”.  There are several reasons why.  It is easier to gather evidence if they are still living in the house.  You can monitor their activities to see whether or not they are telling you the truth about where they have been.  If you are considering using a GPS, it is easier for you to install it.  You can gather supporting evidence using the GPS to know exactly where your spouse is compared to where they tell you they are.  Documentation can be crucial to show your spouse is having an affair and to show their attempts to hide the affair.  And depending on the judge who resides over your case, he/she may rule according to “today’s moral standards” and not the law.  We were contacted by a client who hired us to verify the "cheating" spouse was continuing their affair.  The cheating spouse had moved out of the house.  Our client wanted the evidence for court.  We conducted surveillance and gathered the evidence showing the spouse was still having the affair.  We went to court; however, the judge wouldn’t allow testimony about the affair solely because the cheating spouse had already moved out.  The judge stated “today’s moral standards” would be applied to the case.  The judge stated if the evidence about the affair had been gathered while the spouse was still living in the house, it would be allowed.  The good news in this case was our client still received what they wanted as far as the settlement. 

Don’t wait, get your evidence “sooner than later”

Some Information is Better than NO Information
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