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Surveillance – reality vs. perception; pros and cons

Surveillance is the monitoring of behavior and / or activities; i.e., closely watching over someone or something.  Types of surveillance include, but are not limited to, audio surveillance, video surveillance, and mobile surveillance.  The types of surveillances we are routinely requested to do are video and mobile surveillance.  They usually go together.  In Georgia, audio surveillance is illegal unless there is one-party consent to the conversation. 

The perception of conducting mobile surveillance is that it’s easy to do.  Anyone can follow someone else.  On television, it’s depicted as being easy.  I’m sure you’ve seen on television a vehicle at night, parked on a deserted street, and the occupant – most likely a police officer or private investigator is watching someone.  The target walks out, gets into their vehicle, and drives off.  Then, the police officer or private investigator turns on their headlights, pulls out, and follows the target without being detected.  Yea; right.  It doesn’t happen that way.  The reality is surveillance isn’t easy.  It takes practice; it takes experience; and there are techniques a good private investigator will use to keep from being detected and not lose the target. 

If you’re a prospective client in a domestic investigation, it is much easier for us to conduct surveillance if you haven’t recently accused your spouse or significant other of being unfaithful.  They will be relaxed; they most likely will not pay attention to anyone around them; and they will go about their normal activities.  If you have recently accused them of being unfaithful, they will be careful and most likely be looking for someone following them. 

If you’re a prospective client in a child custody investigation, it is much easier for us to conduct surveillance if you haven’t accused your spouse (or ex) or significant other of doing something to the child or children or accused them of not being a good parent or caregiver.  The same as above applies to their behavior. 

If you’re a prospective client in a workers’ compensation investigation, it is best to hire a private investigator long before litigation.  The claimant is usually not concerned with anyone checking on their activities. 

It is recommended to hire a private investigator as soon as possible.  The probability of success in conducting surveillance is increased significantly.  Video surveillance is used to document any activity observed by the investigator.  It can be very crucial in a court proceeding.  If video evidence is obtained that’s beneficial to your investigation, it most likely will increase your chances of not having to go to court. 

Southern Professional Investigation investigators attempt to conduct surveillance using one investigator.  The primary reason is to save the client money.  If we determine that it will take an additional investigator, the client is notified and approval given prior to using the second investigator.  Based on our experiences, if we know in advance that two investigators will be needed, the client is told up front.  The decision to use two investigators is primarily based on where the surveillance is to take place, such as the metro area or a heavy populated area. 

We have – successful – experience in conducting surveillance.  Let us help you with your investigation. 

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