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Over 350 cheating spouses caught

$250,000 Scam

 A woman from out of state contacted me last week. She stated she had met a man on a dating web site for over 50. This site has been advertised on tv. She stated over a few months they continued to chat and she would call him on his phone. He told her he wanted to marry her. Then he began to ask for financial help with his job. Over several weeks she sent him over $250,000 and then guess what? She never heard from him again. She sent this money without every meeting the guy. He sent her a picture of his passport. She sent it to me and I looked at it and instantly could tell it was fake. I also checked the phone numbers he provided to her and they were all from prepaid cell phones. The address he gave in GA was also fake. All I can say is people please be careful on these sites. There are scammers from all over the world on these sites trying to get your money. They are patient and will take their time in "grooming" you. I know people are seeking love and attention on these sites, but you have to use common sense. Please don't send ANY amount of money no matter how small to these people. If you send a small amount then they figure you are hooked and they will continue to ask for more.These scammers pose as both men and woman, so they are equal oppurtunity scammers.

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