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Another Infidelity Case

We recently were contacted by a client that suspected infidelity on her husband. Within two days, we identified the apartment building he was going to and visiting his girlfriend. It took a little longer to identify her since it was a gated complex. The bottom park of the parking deck was for visitors and the upper portion was gated for the residents. We sat in the visitor section and observed him come in and park. He waited about 15 minutes in his car and then another car entered the parking deck and stopped behind his car. He got out and entered the vehicle and proceeded through the secured gate. So we were at least able to identify the vehicle the girlfriend was driving. The next week we followed him to a spa, where he remained for about an hour. When he came out, he was accompanied by a young female. They talked briefly outside and then she went back inside of the business and he went to his car and left. We then went to the apartment and waited to see if he would arrive at his usual time. While waiting for him to arrive, we saw the girlfriends car arrive and enter the upper deck. A short time later he arrived and parked. We were expecting her car to drive down and pick him up, but all of a sudden this female exits the secure entrance doorway and walks over to his car. The girl is the same one observed earlier that day talking with him at the spa. The walked together to the doorway and she entered the code to open the door. The entered the elevator and appeared to hug as the door closed. The husband was in his late 60's and the girl was 34 years old. 

Cheating Husband Finally Busted
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