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 In over 22 years in the private investigative field I had something happen yesterday that has never happened before. I received a call from the answering service stating a person need me to call them asap. They were in fear of their life. First thing I thought was they have mental issues. I called this person and he told me that he had been in hiding since just before Thanksgiving. He was afraid he was going to be killed. I continued talking with him and pulling information from him. It turned out he had witnessed a murder and he had also been threatened by the suspect to keep his mouth shut or he would be killed too. He asked me to be the go between between him and the police. I was still somewhat doubtful about his story but decided to contact the police department. I contacted the homicide squad and identified myself as former GBI. I asked them if they had an unsolved murder that happened a few weeks ago at a certain address. They immediately confirmed that a murder had taken place and it was still unsolved. I provided the name of the suspect to them, and they said they had suspected this person, but did not have enough evidence to make an arrest. I then told them about the phone call and the witness to the murder. They couldn't believed it. I provided the witness name and phone number and told them to call him and that he wanted to talk to them. I asked them to please be aware that he was very afraid for his life. They said they would contact him and handle it accordingly. They thanked me for getting in touch with them. Murder case solved!

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