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Options For When You Suspect Your Spouse Is Cheating

Have you ever wondered what to do if you suspect your spouse is cheating? If you suspect your spouse is having an affair, of course, the first thing you might want to do is confront them. We don't recommend doing this. This can be a waste of time because 99% of the time they will deny it, or they might say you are crazy and paranoid. Confronting a spouse about their cheating could result in a few of the following things.

Your spouse may stop the cheating for a brief time and then continue a few months or weeks later. Or they may just become more cautious with their activities- which will make it more difficult to catch them. Because of this, we strongly suggest not to confront them; it could just make things worse.  

Proving Infidelity:  

Our cases usually start out with a phone call from clients worried about their spouse going out to meet an undisclosed boyfriend or girlfriend for a meal. While suspicion is a very real and often credible feeling, we explain that that going out with somebody does not prove infidelity. Their spouse could just claim they are meeting a friend or coworker for a meal.

The emphasis needs to be on them meeting and using the opportunity to have sex. We suggest our clients concentrate on that aspect of the investigation first. Then, if you still want to show them having a meal together, that can come later. We focus our investigation on the cheating spouse meeting somebody at a motel, their residence, or even their vehicles to engage in adulterous behavior.  

A Recent Experience:  

Recently we caught two nurses, male and female, meeting before work in the afternoon. They would meet in a parking lot behind a home improvement store; and the male would get out of his vehicle and enter into the back seat of the female's SUV. They would remain in the vehicle for about an hour or longer before exiting. He would get out of the vehicle while tucking his shirt back inside his slacks. She would do the same as she exited the rear of her vehicle, then enter back into the car on the driver's side. He would walk to his vehicle, and they would leave in their cars for their hospital shifts.

This happened on an almost daily basis depending on their work schedule. On their days off they met at a motel and left together after spending several hours inside. We obtained video footage of both the parking lot and motel meetings over the course of several days.  

Most clients believe that catching their cheating spouse once is all they need to prove infidelity, and in some cases this may be true. However, the attorneys that Southern Professional Investigations has worked with ask us to catch them at least twice to show a true pattern of nefarious behavior.

Beware of Risks:  

You may be able to have your spouse's cell phone forensically examined for deleted text messages, emails, and photographs. Please note that this can only be done with a subpoena, or explicit permission from the spouse to access their phone. Remember, just because you pay the cell phone bill or it's in your name, does not give you the right to access the phone. In some cases, the cheating spouse will purchase a "burner phone", or a pay as you go phone to contact his or her "friend". If you show interest in checking your spouse's phone and they are aware of you doing so, they could just use a different phone that you don't have access to.  

Sometimes clients want to put a recording device in the cheating spouse's residence or car. This is also illegal and could result in a felony charge. According to the law, you cannot install a hidden camera in your home to try and catch your cheating spouse. Even if you catch them on video, it will not be admissible in court, and you could be arrested.

Hire a Professional:  

If you try to investigate or use surveillance yourself it could prove costly to you. Emotional involvement causes heightened feelings; this anger and hurt could result in a dangerous confrontation for yourself or your spouse that ends in an altercation or even arrest. This is not ideal. We have seen cases of spouses becoming so enraged when addressing a cheating husband or wife, it ends in death.  

We know of a case of a wife conducting surveillance on her cheating husband. When she saw her husband walk out a motel with his girlfriend, she ran over him with her car. This is one of the many reasons why we don't reveal to our clients where their spouse is at the time of the cheating, so they can't show up and cause a scene.  

If you suspect that your spouse is cheating, it's always best to hire a private investigator to obtain the proof you need. If you try to do it yourself or have a friend help you, your case could be weakened when bringing it to court. Hiring an independent party to gather evidence for you is the best way to avoid this. Consider hiring Southern Professional Investigations; we have years of experience in these types of cases to best assist you!  

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