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Two Examples of Cheating Cases for April

This month we had two cheating spouse cases. The first one, the client placed a GPS unit on her husband's truck and we began to monitor his movements. We told the client to be patient and let us see what his patterns of behavior were. He started going over to the suspected girlfriends house out in the country, but only staying there for about 20 minutes at a time. We told her that was not enough to prove infidelity. She said that in the past he had gone to her house in the evening after telling her he had a part-time job to do. He would stay there for several hours. However he was not doing this after we got involved. We asked her to be patient, but she was so ready to catch him. She put her own GPS on his truck and when she saw him over at the girlfriend's house, she went over there to get her own video. The husband and girlfriend immediately saw her vehicle and he suspected she had a tracking device on his vehicle. He search his truck and found our unit. He immediately destroyed it and now was aware the wife was watching his movements. Not only did she not get the proof she needed for court purposes, but she had to reimburse us for the purchase of a new GPS unit. We encourage clients to be patient and these cases sometimes take time. But some clients want immediate results.

The next case we had was a live-in boyfriend the client suspected of cheating. She had confronted him several times and as usual he told her she was crazy and was just imagining things. (This is what they say most of the time). We set up surveillance on him on Saturday evening and sure enough he went to a woman's house within two miles of the client's house. He parked on the street which made it convenient for us to get video of his truck and license plate. He told the client he was spending the night with his sister who lived across town. We documented him staying at the girlfriends house all night and leaving shortly before 7 am to go to work. He called the client after leaving the girlfriend's house telling her he was just leaving his sister's house. When he returned home that evening she confronted him and again he denied it. She then showed him the pictures we obtained of his truck parked in front of the girls house. He said that wasn't his truck. She said look at the license plate. Then he went outside and checked the license plate on his truck and guess what, they matched. He came back in ranting and raving, angry because he had been caught. She told him to leave and don't come back. 

Another Client Found Not Guilty
Drug Usage / Sale of Drugs

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