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Cell Phone Data Recovery

Cell phones are becoming more and more prevalent.  We use them to store contacts, text messages, photographs, videos, our calendars, and much more.  What would you do if you accidentally deleted your information?

SPI has an Investigator trained in Cell Phone Technology & Cell Phone Forensic Data Recovery.  Training involved components, terminology, and vendor independent technical procedures for forensically extracting data stored on cellular handheld communication devices.

We can properly identify, preserve, and analyze your information and present our findings in a report.  Information that can be obtained includes contacts, text messages, photographs, numbers called and received, and sometimes deleted information.  

This service is especially useful in domestic / cheating spouse cases.  SPI assisted a client in preserving text messages that were on their cell phone where their spouse texted them and stated they were at a particular location.  Surveillance revealed they were at another location with someone else.  The information was particularly useful to the clients’ attorney and it helped to show a pattern of “cheating” by the spouse.  

SPI has successfully recovered deleted text messages from cell phones; however, each cell phone is unique and there is no guarantee deleted messages can be recovered from every cell phone.  

These services can be used by major corporations, law enforcement, attorneys, spouses, and concerned parents.

Droid Spyware Check

If you have an Android phone and you suspect someone has placed spyware on the phone then call us. We can check your phone for spyware. If spyware is on your phone it may be in violation of state and federal laws. Call us today.