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Over 350 cheating spouses caught

Cheating Spouses

A study finds that infidelity can be a form of emotional violence that leaves betrayed partners with the same symptoms as an abusive relationship. Finding out the facts and acting on the cheating early may assist in the healing process. SPI Investigators are trained to obtain the facts needed in sensitive cases of this nature. We have extensive experience in investigating domestic cases and understand the need for the utmost discretion and professionalism. SPI Investigators use a wide variety of surveillance techniques and equipment, including the use of GPS tracking and covert video cameras to accomplish the job and keep the client's cost to a minimum. We can provide videos, photographs, and detailed reports which will aid in negotiations for a divorce settlement. Over the years we have caught as many cheating wives as cheating husbands. In over 95% of our cases, we confirm the spouse is cheating. It is safe to say, if you are viewing this site, then you suspect your spouse of cheating on you.

Our Process

  • Discrete and Professional Services

  • Use of the latest tracking and surveillance technology

  • Over 20 years of testifying experience

  • Confirmation of spouse cheating in 95% of cases.

If you are like most of our clients, you are going through an emotional roller coaster. One minute you are hurt and the next angry at your spouse. You can’t believe this is happening. You are not eating or sleeping very well. You want to believe that the spouse is not seeing someone, but your suspicions and their abnormal behavior make you think there is that possibility. In almost all of the cases we have worked, if the client contacts us and there is a suspicion of infidelity, then most likely it is occurring. The client is hoping that we don’t find anything, but after we confirm the infidelity, they are devastated even though they suspected it was taking place. We attempt to make this as least stressful as possible on the client. We understand the feelings they are experiencing. They sometimes cannot make good decisions during this time and we provide them the best professional advice. We encourage them to contact an attorney to obtain legal advice. We request permission from the client to consult with their attorney to determine the best approach for the investigation. We view it as a team effort. We like for the attorney to tell us exactly what evidence they need or require for court on behalf of their client. We discuss the options and make sure that we are all on the same page. We stress to the attorney and client that with the “team effort” approach, it helps keep the cost down by not conducting unnecessary surveillance or research that will not be useful in court. A lot of times the client asks or requests us to perform activities that are illegal. Under no circumstances will we violate the law for the client. The results could be disastrous. We and the client could face arrest and jail. We could lose our license and if the information is obtained illegally, it can’t be used in court.

Our Experience

On the other hand, both investigators are retired GBI agents. We each have over 20 years experience. We have testified in court on a regular basis over these 20 years. We have testified in high profile criminal cases and know what to expect from attorneys under cross examination. Our testimony and credentials will assist you in presenting your case to the judge or jury in a professional manner.

If you have viewed the covert video on this site then you can see for yourself the quality of work we perform. The first part of the video is of a cheating wife, who told her husband she was in the north Georgia Mountains with her girlfriends. The second part of the video is of a cheating husband who was with his friend on a golfing trip. We have worked numerous other cases and obtained video evidence of the illicit affair. We recently were contacted by a detective of a major police department in Indiana. His wife was coming to Atlanta for a business meeting and he suspected something was not right. We picked up the wife at the airport at baggage claim, and her boyfriend was there waiting for her. We then followed them to the motel in Alpharetta where they stayed for three days. 

Video of all this activity was obtained and when the detective confronted his wife, she attempted to deny everything, until she was show the video. They are divorced now.

If you suspect you spouse or boyfriend/girlfriend is cheating, call us and let us discuss with you in detail your options.

Everything you discuss with us is handled in a very private, discreet and professional manner.