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Computer Analysis

We now offer computer analysis for our clients. This service includes analyzing a computer that is used by your spouse or child to determine what they are viewing online. This may include porn sites or other inappropriate web sites. The software we use will show us the web site address and the date and time they visited the site. We will also be able to view all video and/or photographs on the computer to determine if it porn or other inappropriate material.  This service is not to be confused with Computer Forensics. This analysis is a basic service to assist you in obtaining the information you can use for your family and yourself.

A few examples of what this service can provide:

A client was in the process of a divorce from her husband. There were two small children from the marriage. The wife (my client) did not have a job and therefore very little money. The husband won temporary custody of the children and would not allow the mother to see her children. She brought me the computer and I did an analysis and found numerous porn sites, including gay porn sites the husband had visited over the period of three years. I also found pornographic pictures on the computer. When this was presented to the husband and his attorney, he did not contest our client getting custody back of her children.

Another client (husband) requested we do an analysis on his home computer. He suspected his wife was cheating on him. After performing the analysis we determined she was visiting several chat rooms and appeared to be striking up conversations with men all over Georgia and servicemen stationed in the Middle East. We also found nude photos of her that she had taken and emailed to these men. In addition, we found nude photos of the men that had emailed her pictures of themselves. Surveillance was conducted on the wife and we identified two different males she was meeting. One was a deputy sheriff. Computer Forensics was then conducted on the computer and emails and the chat were recovered. It confirmed she was having “computer sex” over the internet with various men.

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