Private Investigator Services by Retired GBI Agents - Georgia License #PDC001751

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Criminal Defense Investigations

SPI investigators each have over 20 years of criminal investigative experience. We have investigated cases involving theft, burglary, internal theft at businesses, sexual assault (rape, date rape, false allegations), death (homicide, suicide, accidental death), and more. We have conducted high profile investigations involving public officials, including politicians and law enforcement officers. Both investigators have vast experience in investigating narcotics investigations from the street level dealer, to the ring leaders of major drug organizations. We have conducted covert surveillance and electronic wire taps to obtain the evidence to implicate and identify the low level street dealer, all the way up to the ring leaders of the organization. We have supervised the undercover agents that targeted the street level dealer in cities and towns throughout Georgia. We are experienced in interviews and interrogations. We are trained to observe the demeanor of the subject being interviewed to determine if he/she is being truthful.

Our goal at all times is to obtain the facts and get the truth, no matter where it leads. If you have been arrested for a crime and need an independent investigator to review your case or to conduct an investigation you need our expertise and experience. Would you rather have someone that has never conducted a criminal investigation, or an investigator that has spent his entire career conducting these type investigations? Do you want an investigator that knows how evidence is suppose to be handled and what might have been mishandled. We know the signs to look for when people are not being truthful. 

If you need and investigator for a criminal investigation or criminal defense investigation in the Atlanta, GA area you need to ask yourself these questions. Do you want an experienced professional investigator that has worked a criminal case from the beginning, which included crime scene processing, gathering evidence, interviewing and locating witnesses, interrogating suspects and making the arrest and then testifying in court. Do you want an investigator that has done this for over 20 years? Or do you want an investigator that says they are a qualified and experienced criminal investigator, but in actuality they have read about crimes and how to investigate them from a text book, or they have tagged along while observing an investigator conducting a criminal investigation? Just remember if someone says they have prior law enforcement experience, that may mean they investigated traffic accidents, or was a beat cop, that does not mean they know how or have the experience in conducting a criminal investigation.