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Internal Investigations

Southern Professional Investigations has conducted several internal investigations for Law Enforcement departments in Georgia. These investigations required an independent and objective investigator to investigate allegations of criminal violations along with sexual misconduct and violations of departmental policies and procedures.

The investigations resulted in several high-ranking officers being terminated or they were made to submit their resignations. As retired GBI agents, we are results-given private investigators in Atlanta who know what to look for, how to get the information you need, and we have the experience to solve any problem or case you present before us.

Our Process

We offer third-party, independent investigations for all municipalities both state and nationwide. Given our over 20-year background working as GBI agents, we are proficient with the interview processes involved with Internal Investigations cases. Our tenacious research skills coupled with years of experience in these type matters have helped us to discover criminal violations within small-town police departments, urban law enforcement precincts, all the way up to internal investigations of those holding higher political offices.   

  • Legal Extensive Background Investigations/Inquiries
  • Research, Interviews and Audits
  • Computer Analysis of all Involved
  • Managing Sensitive and Complex Internal Investigations Cases

Our Experience

These types of investigations require a very experienced investigator who knows how to conduct interviews and interrogate suspects. The investigation requires an independent investigator with no affiliations or association with the department under investigation and/or the subjects of the investigation. We have found that these types of investigations will start with the initial complaint, but we almost always discover other misconduct or inappropriate behavior by individuals that were not even involved in the original complaint by conducting third-party investigations.

We are experienced private investigators in Georgia who know how to conduct interviews and obtain the truth. As you can see, these are complex and sensitive cases. Our background as former GBI agents gives us the advantage over other private investigators due to our training and experience that we bring to the table in conducting thorough internal investigations.  

Internal Investigations - Police Car

A (withheld) city was in the process of hiring a new police chief for their department. They had a candidate who was currently employed as a police officer with another department. His application looked great and during his interview he was impressive. The Mayor requested a background investigation on the candidate. After four days of extensive interviews and time spent researching records, we found out that this officer had been in trouble a few years prior at a former sheriff’s department.  In the course of the investigation, we discovered that, while on duty, he would engage in inappropriate behavior; needless to say, he was not hired.

A Police Department in (withheld) had received numerous complaints about their chief, who had been head of the department for a number of years. The Mayor contacted us and requested an investigation. After a week of interviews and research, the evidence room revealed large amounts of beer and alcohol that had been confiscated from teenagers. Further investigation determined the chief was providing this alcohol to friends of his and not destroying the evidence as required.

Several types of drugs were also found in the evidence room, with no documentation or identifying papers to associate the drugs with a suspect of when, where, or time the drugs were seized. In one case, drugs had been sent to the State Crime Lab for analysis, and according to the paperwork, the evidence was still in the possession of the Crime Lab. However, during the audit, the drugs that were supposedly sent to the lab were located in the evidence room. An analysis of the Chief’s computer in his office and the laptop in his patrol car was conducted and pornographic pictures were found on both. The chief was terminated within a few days upon completion of the investigation.

The Mayor of a town in (withheld) contacted us and requested an internal investigation of the Police Chief. Two weeks of extensive interviews of every member of the department, including civilians, confirmed sexual misconduct by several members of the department. In addition, it was discovered that improper hiring practices were in place. On the application, an officer stated that he had never been reprimanded or suspended; the investigation revealed that a few years ago he had been disciplined for inappropriate behavior.

It was determined that his superior was aware of the discipline, but he never mentioned it on the application. Both officers submitted their resignations. Another employee also resigned for sexual misconduct. It was also determined that a former officer of the department was having an affair with a civilian employee of the city who was married at the time. The allegations against the Mayor were determined to be without merit.