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Spouse GPS Tracking/GPS Rental

SPI uses the latest equipment and technology to covertly track the movements of a cheating spouse. These units can be placed discreetly on a vehicle and monitored by the investigator from his computer. The unit will provide us the direction of travel, the speed, the route, departure and arrival time. When we see the vehicle at a suspicious location, we go into action to identify the location and observe any improper behavior on the part of the target subject. Video is then obtained for evidence purposes. GPS has proven to be a very important tool for surveillance.

Our Process

The latest technology in GPS is used to track and monitor the spouse. The tracking device is positioned on the spouse’s vehicle without his or her knowledge. We covertly track and record all suspicious moves made by a cheating spouse. As Private Investigators with a 20-year GBI background, we are professionally trained at following and collecting the right kind of evidence that is needed in a court of law and we work with your attorney to ensure all evidence gathered will be admissible.

GPS enables us to get more information, more quickly. In some cases, a vehicle is driven down a dead-end road or onto a remote back road. These routes have very little vehicle traffic and if the target is suspicious, they will be able to determine if they are being followed or not. Without GPS, these type situations would require at least two private investigators or more. By using GPS, we keep the cost of man-hours to a minimum and allow the GPS to do the work for us. These units contain extended battery power and last approximately two to three weeks, depending on the driving habits of the target. As private investigators in Georgia, we have caught over 350 cheating spouses since we began our business in 1996.

  • State-of the Art GPS Tracking Devices
  • We Work with Your Attorney to Ensure Proper Required Evidence
  • Clear, Unedited Video is Provided as Evidence
  • We Provide GPS Rental for Personal Monitoring for Tracking Spouse or Child
Spouse GPS Tracking

Our Experience

In November 2010 we placed a GPS on the vehicle of a husband who was suspected of having an affair. The girlfriend’s house was the only house in an underdeveloped subdivision because none of the other lots had been developed due to the economy. Since hers was the only house, any traffic in to or out of the subdivision would have been very suspicious.

Any surveillance prior to the GPS, we would not have been able to place the husband’s vehicle at the house, especially if the vehicle had been parked inside the garage and out of view. The GPS provided us proof and within two days’ time had him placed inside the girlfriend’s garage. We took pictures of the house showing his vehicle was not in the driveway and then we gathered supporting evidence showing when he departed the residence and returned home.

During the week of Thanksgiving he told his wife he was going to Florida on a business trip. The GPS indicated he went to the girlfriend’s house and picked her up and went to a very expensive hotel in the Buckhead area. We identified the hotel from the GPS and the attorney on the case was able to issue subpoenas for the hotel and obtained the registration and other documents confirming their overnight “business trip.”

Last summer we placed a GPS unit on a husband’s truck. His wife suspected he was cheating. He told her he was going to Panama City with a friend on a golfing trip (well he was truthful about the Florida part). He left his residence and picked up his best friend and they headed south. He made a stop in Columbus to visit a “girlfriend” for a short time. Then he and his buddy continued to Panama City Beach. He checked into a motel and we began surveillance. They went out that evening to the local clubs and came back late. They were both very intoxicated. The next day they spent the day on the beach and met some other women on the beach, but overall, they behaved themselves.

The next day after that, they left Panama City and traveled toward Destin where they met two women for lunch and then headed to the beach. While on the beach, the husband was observed engaging in heavy kissing and hugging with one of the women. It was obvious this meeting had been pre-scheduled. In fact, if you view our video on the Cheating Spouse page you will see him and the female standing on the beach embracing. After spending the day at the beach, they packed up and headed into town.

We were able to locate the residence of the woman and identified her and located where she was employed at a local resort; her picture was on the resort’s web site. The client and her attorney were very pleased with the results. The couple has recently divorced. We could not have followed him for over 6 hours without the use of the GPS.

GPS Rental

Over the years Southern Professional Investigations has received numerous requests for the rental or lease of our GPS units. Generally, we have only rented out the unit in conjunction with a case we were working on. However, we have come to realize that some people just want to lease the unit and monitor their spouse or child on their own. Sometimes they don't require additional surveillance, but just want to see where the spouse or child is going. We are going to be renting out our GPS units to anyone in the country in the very near future. There are a few conditions that must be met:

  • First, the client will sign a contract acknowledging the GPS will be used according to the applicable laws in their state and will in no way be used for illegal purposes.
  • The client will acknowledge that they will assume full responsibility and accountability for how they use the GPS tracker and will in no way hold Southern Professional Investigations liable for their actions.
  • It will be the client's responsibility to research the laws of their state on the local, state and federal levels. In fact, we strongly encourage the client consult with an attorney before using the GPS tracker.

Upon signing the contract, we will ship the client a top-of- the- line GPS tracker that is second-to-none. The mapping software is the most accurate and up to date information in real time tracking. The GPS tracker is operational in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. The mapping software we use is licensed and legal to use, unlike some other companies that may use the same mapping software, but do not pay the licensing fees and could be shut down at any time: this is how they get by with charging such low rates.

Our rates are billed by the week, with a decrease in the amount for each additional week of rental. There is a deposit required for each rental unit which will be fully refunded upon the return of the GPS unit. The client will be able to log in to their individual unit with a login name and password to monitor the unit. You will be able to set up GEO fence alerts where text or email will be sent to you notifying you the GPS tracker has entered or departed the GEO fence area. You will also be able to download a daily report to show the exact times, locations, and speed of the unit.

These units have been used by Southern Professional Investigations for several years, and in our opinion are the best real time tracking units on the market. The batteries last up to four (4) weeks and the updates can be set as low as every 20 seconds.

If you have any questions, please call us and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.