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I would like to add my highest recommendation for Southern Professional Investigations and Investigators Baker and Rundles. They conducted a commercial theft investigation for our industrial facility. With little more than a telephone interview for instruction they conducted and completed the investigation in record time. Their advice in establishing the exact scope of the investigation was spot on and much appreciated. The photographic evidence and detailed report they provided were flawless. They coordinated our interaction with law enforcement, submitted the relevant information on our behalf and were diligent in limiting expenses to only that which was necessary.

Steve Cavender

I have worked with Jim Baker and Southern Professional for a number of years. I have referred him to a number of my clients and have always received good reports back from them. Jim never over-hypes his surveillance results, yet those results have made hundreds of thousands of dollars difference in the outcome of workers' compensation claims I've defended over the years. I do not hesitate to bring Jim to the stand to testify as to his results and his many, many years law enforcement experience has heightened his credibility of his testimony in front of the judges we have gone before.

You will be happy with the work they do or my experience has been that Jim will keep working until you are happy.

Mike Ryder, Attorney

I have been a lawyer who has practiced domestic relations for nearly 20 years. I met Southern Professional Investigators when one of my clients retained the services of Southern Professional Investigations to follow the other party during a divorce action. The amount of information that was provided was excellent and was a tremendous help at trial.

Since that time, I have used SPI on numerous other cases and I have found that SPI investigators are the most professional group of investigators that I have ever used. I refer their services to many of my clients and other counsel. The group of investigators conduct themselves in a very professional manner and they work very hard for their clients to obtain the information that is needed in an orderly and timely manner.

Susan Bueter

I am a 22-year Law Enforcement veteran. In the course of my duties I have on occasion, maintain recorded surveillance on targets. Recently I needed the services of a private investigator on an infidelity case of my own. I called several private investigating firms and selected Southern Professional Investigations. The reason I chose SPI was because Jim Baker and his partners were retired police officers themselves. With that in mind, I knew I could trust Jim and if there was a case to be made, I had all of the confidence that he would do the job.

As a result, Jim and his partners recorded what I suspected was going on and delivered a professional report and video recordings to me in an extremely rapid time period. During the investigation, Jim kept me posted and was in constant contact with me. He also allowed me to limit or extend his services as I seen fit. Jim did not try to bleed my bank account and he always kept in mind that I was the client and he worked for me. With Jim, it was a cooperative effort for the objective at hand. In closing, I would like to describe the SPI team and Jim Baker as professional, honest investigators who will deliver the results. You can trust SPI and you will definitely get your moneys worth.


Southern Professional Investigations is the most professional and well organized agency that I have ever dealt with. I had the pleasure of working with Jim Baker over a period of four days.

In that four days, he kept in complete contact with me, day and night, and was always available. If I called and he missed the call (rarely) or I had to leave a voice mail, he would call me back within a very short time period – typically five minutes. He kept me informed daily of what he intended on doing during the investigation and how his other investigators would be helping out in certain situations. Not once did I ever feel that I didn’t know what was going on, literally, to the minute. The report I received, and the videos that were taken were impeccable and of very high expertise. These people know what they are doing!! In the past 3 years, I have hired two other agencies in different areas, and nothing compares to the service I got here – not even close. I would never even think about hiring anyone else. If you want professionalism, honesty, and a job that will more than meet any expectation that you ever imagine, and well worth every penny you spend (reflected in a very detailed invoice, and every cent is accounted for) you need to contact Jim


As a defense attorney, I have had the occasion to work with a number of private investigation firms with varying results. I have now used Southern Professional on several occasions, and have been enormously pleased with the professional service, the response time, and most importantly the results. I have also been pleasantly surprised by the invoices that they have sent me. I know of no better firm for investigating in the southeast.

Jerry Cain

Southern Professional Investigations has performed many services for me over the past several years. Their work is, as the company indicates, quite professional. Their work product is exemplary and always submitted in a timely fashion. I would recommend them highly.

Donald McAfee

James Baker has provided one of our largest clients with prompt and effective investigative services. He is also highly recommended by one of our top defense attorneys...

Elizabeth Vaughn